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About us

Haeny is an expert system provider of advanced, innovative and reliable pump solutions.

Profile Haeny AG

The headquarters of Haeny AG is in the town of Jona in the Swiss canton Sankt Gallen. This family company, established in 1875, has today about 190 employees. The company offers modern, innovative and safe pump systems for domestic and house applications as well as for water supply and waste water disposal in domestic and industry applications. The strong positions in the Swiss market have been successfully established because of the own production of pumps and the general representation and cooperation with the company Caprari, Modena. The company opened an assembly plant in the town of Elin Pelin, Bulgaria. The innovative solutions of the company for turbines for drinking and waste water allow for the more efficient use of the renewable energy of water.

Besides, Haeny AG is one of the leading suppliers of cement injection systems for specialised underground construction, tunnel construction and building of dams. At the North American market, the company is represented by Haeny Inc.

Haeny maximizes the benefit it delivers to its customers. On the one hand, it supplies systems designed to provide operating reliability. On the other, Haeny customers can count on an expert partner for prompt assistance if needed.

"Haeny strives to meet and exceed customer expectations for the ultimate in customer satisfaction."