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About us

Haeny is a family-owned company steeped in tradition.


Corporate officers

Mark Nägeli President and Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +41 44 925 42 80

Thomas J. Harrold, Jr.

Thomas J. Harrold, Jr.Secretary


Executive Manager

Larry Goff

Larry Goff Area Sales Manager North America

Tel.: +1 205-201-5505


Rödl Langford de Kock LLP
Certified Public Accountants
1900 International Park Drive
Suite 105
Birmingham, AL 35243

Phone: +1 (205) 970-7100
Fax: +1 (205) 970-7119


History of Haeny

  • Founded 1875
  • 6th-generation family business
  • Decades of experience in Mixing and Injection Technology
  • Strong position in the Swiss market
  • Worldwide supplier of cement grout plants
  • 2013 Opening of Haeny Austria GmbH
  • 2018 Opening of the production location in Elin Pelin, Bulgaria
  • 2018 New plastics and construction technology business unit in Jona
  • 2018 Opening of Haeny Inc. USA
  • 190 employees

History in a nutshell

Haeny has been a family-owned business since its founding and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future. Born in 1847, Eduard Häny-Pfister launched a mechanical workshop in Stäfa in 1875. Ten years later he transferred the operation to Meilen where he acquired the former water turbine-operated silk twining plant along Obermeilen's Beugenbach. Between 1892 and the 1920s, Haeny also operated a foundry with two smelting furnaces and kilns each.

The output produced in the first few decades varied from pumps and winemaking implements to fire extinguishing equipment. From the start, the company's market extended far beyond the territory of German-speaking Switzerland. Many domestic and international patents testify to the innovative capacities of the company's founder. One such example is the acclaimed hail cannon, a device designed to suppress hail (patented in 1901).

In 1897, Eduard Häny - also the principal founder of Elektrizitätswerk Meilen, an electric power utility, began to produce electric power to operate his machines. The years 1900/1912 saw the construction of the first purpose-built factories adjacent to his home and workshop. His workforce, a mere half a dozen when he started the business, rose to 46 at the outbreak of World War I.

As generations of family owners succeeded one another, the 20th century witnessed steady company growth as dictated by circumstances in effect at the time but without spectacular jumps. A wide variety of pumps - for the supply of clean water, disposal of wastewater and special applications - have remained the company's core activity. More recently, cement grout plants from Haeny have been used worldwide for impermeating galleries, tunnels and dams and for consolidating the ground at construction sites. International sales through our own sales force and twenty independent factory representatives abroad account for 90% of the business in this sector.

During the company's first century, the number of employees was directly related to company growth. While employees numbered no less than two hundred in 1975, today's two dozen engineers and technicians are increasingly specialized to deliver solutions to complex problems. Haeny no longer manufactures each and every pump it sells itself but selects those pumps available on the world market most suitable to address customer needs. Of course, our bulgarian site continues to produce pumps that are particularly complex or suitable for special applications (some 2,500 pumps per annum).